This is an amazing product. People love it for several reasons. It comes with amazing features such as incredible body cowl, brake disk & calipers, inverted front fork suspension, drive chain, wheels, asymmetrical and sprocket swing arm- all of them display standard quality.

Kyosho Radio control Honda NSR500 is highly recommended for moderate and experienced modelers.


  • Amazing to drive
  • Easy to use, and maintain
  • Good-looking
  • Great handling
  • High end features
  • Great controls
  • Comes at a good pricing
  • Easy to setup
  • Manual comes with full decal sheet


  • Noticeable wear and tear in the decals after some time.

There are different batteries and Servos that will work with this product.


Below are some of its amazing features:

  • Functional suspension
  • Rolling chassis
  • Decals
  • Rider figure

To enjoy it, the user will need to install compatible charger, battery, speed controller, receiver, and a transmitter. It is truly a legendary product which comes with side guards that prevents it from leaning into the corners as well as safeguards the sharp looking body work. Some reviewers online have endorsed it as a real racing machine. For better performance and improved looks, it is extremely necessary you customize this machine.

Being one of the best rc motorcycles, Kyosho Radio control Honda NSR500 is made up of more compact and larger size RC motorbikes with lots of enhanced characteristics and customizing features. The beauty of it is that these characteristics make the device to remain in credible and appropriate shape.

The twin tube inside the engine frame enables the air to cool easily, so that it can last longer, and also keeps the bike’s temperature at a normal state. While using this bike, the user can see how flexible and smooth it is to turn and control it. The rider is responsible for ensuring that the bike is upright during cornering. This is a great way to fabulously add life to it together with some fantastic mechanics.

Highly competitive pricing option

Taking a look at Kyosho Radio Control Honda NSR500, you will see that it can be acquired at a good pricing option. In fact, users are happy that it comes at a moderate price, especially when you compare it with other RC motorbikes out there. Reviewers are happy that they are bought a great product at good rates.

Instructions for buying Kyosho Radio Control Honda NSR500

If you want to buy this product either for yourself or for someone else, ensure you are buying it from a reliable company.

To get a better pricing rate, it is better you either buys it from the manufacturer’s official website or from their accredited dealers or outlets. There are different types of Kyosho Radio control Honda NSR500, the small sized motorbike are less expensive than the larger size.

Instructions on how to use it

If you are a beginner, you can first of all go for the smaller size, when you have fully  mastered it, then you can go for more advanced features like the larger size. If you are an experienced veteran, then the best thing to do is to purchase a bigger scale model.

The good news about Kyosho Radio control Honda NSR500 is that larger size models comes with enviable advanced features, and far better than the smaller size. To get the best out of this product, you need to use the one that comes with advanced features. Finally, this bike can be driven both on pavements and on the streets.

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