Although, the popularity of acupuncture is increasing and people are opting for it as an alternative therapy, but still a lot of patients don’t know what to expect from acupuncture. In the present scenario various styles of acupuncture are available and licensed acupuncturists are practicing it with a slight difference of opinion between them.

If you are planning to pay a visit to an acupuncturist, you are supposed to concentrate on the major issues which are making an impact on your health. Here are a couple of things to know before visiting for the treatment.

 Wear Comfortable Clothes

Some acupuncturists provide their patients specially designed clothes so they can easily perform the process on different parts of the body. Many patients want to keep their clothes on. I personally feel that this makes patients more comfortable,specially when they are visiting for the first time. In this kind of situation wearing loose fitting clothes are perfect because you can adjust them as per the requirement.

Acupuncturists will not ask you to remove your clothes as it is required for a massage. Loose clothing will enable you to take your sleeves rolled up and pull your pants above the knees for this process.

Acupuncture Treats More Than Pain

Acupuncturists find it disappointing when patients cancel their appointments when they fell ill. Actually patients don’t have proper information that acupuncture will not only cure their pain, but it will also treat the common colds and attack of stomach viruses. The World Health Organization has given many statements in this regard. Acupuncture can handle a wide variety of problems like skin diseases, neurological disorders, childbirth, infections, dentistry, and emotional stress also.

Eat a Light Snack

It is imperative on your part to eat something before you go for treatment. Your acupuncturist may forget to mention this, it is not necessary to be a full stomach at the time of treatment, but light snack will help your body to have enough energy and this will benefit in the treatment. In case you are taking treatment on an empty stomach, then it may lead to dizziness and sometimes fainting.

Acupuncturists Never Reuse Needles

Acupuncturistsnever reuse the needles; this means you don’t have any chance to come in contact with any disease by receiving acupuncture treatment. These needles are flexible and of surgical grade manufactured from stainless steel, they are very thin and cause less pain.


If you consume too much of water, then you feel like visiting washroom several times during your treatment session. Make sure to hydrate yourself and drink sufficient water so that you don’t feel thirsty. When I asked people to hydrate, they drink a liter of water before visiting the acupuncturist and then they have to visit the washroom again and again. This is a distraction during the wellness treatment.

Make a List of Symptoms

It happens to most of us that we forget many of our symptoms at the time of consultation. It would be a good idea to make a list of all your symptoms. The more information you will give to your practitioner, the better treatment he will give you. Veterinarian Job Description